• IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer
  • IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer

IR Tunnel Conveyor dryer

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US $ 16470 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

product presentation:

LZ-IFRD-0575 infrared drying channel mainly suitable for all kinds of screen printing, pad printing and spraying thermosetting ink processing, also suitable for drying poeder, wood,wood chips,sawdust,glasscup,stainless mug,this conveyor dryer is widely used in screen printing industry drying especially suitable for solid thermosetting and special types of printing ink.The tunnel dryer can produce printing products with high color fastness, flexibility and gloss.Compared with traditional oven and similar equipment.


1. Intelligent temperature control system, easy to operate, can effectively control the temperature deviation.

2. Adopt thermal circulation system, effective energy saving.

3.Stainless steel mesh belt, welcome customer design.

4.Far infrared heating tube is especially suitable for curing thermosetting and special types of printing ink.

5. Adjustable belt speed and tunnel temperature control.

6.The baked products are heated inside and outside at the same time, with small temperature difference between inside and outside, no deformation, no discoloration, and stable qualit

7.Fast baking speed, high efficiency, can save about 2-6 times of time, greatly shorten the production and shipment cycle;

8.Can be local heating, less energy waste, save more than 30% electricity;

9.Can be connected to the production line, synchronous control, reduce defects;

10.The temperature can be controlled in sections to meet the product demand, with high elasticity:

11.Forced ventilation device, less residual solvent, no danger, explosion-proof, environmental protection;

12.Shell surface temperature close to the ambient temperature, comfortable working environment, reduce energy waste.


1Temperature range: Normal~200ºc 2 work power rate : 30kw
3 working power: 3phase 480V  4 working power: 3phase 480V              
5 constant temperature will be 5º C more or less                             6 temperature resolution: 1º C
7 machine size: 1050*215*260cm 8 oven size: 415*215*260cm
9. Infrared Tunnel Oven Dryer / Cooling Fans and Stainless Steel Belt Feed 10. Material:304 stainless steel chain- plate
11. Bottles Entrance height: 12 inch  12.Bottles Exit length: 6 inch
13. In feed: 10 feet  14. Dry box:15 feet 
15. Out feed:6 1/2 feet  16. Belt Width: 5.75' (175 CM) feet 
17. Total Machine Width 6 3/4' (82")  18. Total belt Length :34.5' 
19. Controller : Fahrenheit (Digital)  20. Controller : Belt menu read out in Feet/min 
21. Maximum belt speed :30 feet per minute.  22. Working Power Supply: 3 phase 415V 
23. Insulation cotton for Heat area box 24. Galvanized iron bracket:2pcs.















Price Terms︰ FOB ShenZhen, China
Standards Certificate︰ CE
Application area︰ drying plastic products, metal ink, spary painting ink, solvent ink, powder, wood, wood chips, sawdust,glass cup,stainless mug
Gross Weight︰ 4000KG
Main Parts︰ stainless steel chain plate,heating pipe,fan,exhaust outlet

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