• 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer
  • 4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer

4-Color Automatic Bottle-Cap Printer

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US $ 15300 / set

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1 set

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Product Description

0. Auto loading tray

1. 4-color pad printer with ink cup and gear type rotary table conveyer worktable

2. Micro computer control each function of pad printer for easy operation

3. PLC controls loading/unloading system

4. Give flame or corona treatment to the surface of bottle cover to improve printing quality.

5. Built-in Five digit auto counter.

6. High quality aluminum alloy is used to make structure solid and weight light.

7. Inking by ink cup, ink viscosity is stable and no need to add any solvents in 6 to 8 hours.

8. Evaporation, splash, Instead, 50% saving; Good working environment retains.

9. CE safety hood is equipped to meet safety requirement.

10. Convenient ink cup installation and remove for durable use.

11. Duration time is adjustable to meet different requirement.

12. Extra function "twice inking, once printing "is designed for thicker ink film.

13. Available for 1 color

14. Unique edge structure ensures clean ink scraping and produces clear and sharp printing image.

15. Drying by auto air blower.

>Product description
Automatic 4-color bottle cap pad printer EP200-4
1. Steel sheet area - 150*300mm
2. Printing colors-4colors
3. Printing area: 135*130mm
4. Maximum printing speed--5000PCS/H
5. Machine weight--750kg
6 stations: 18pcs
7. Oil pan: 150*300mm
8. Machine size--2000*1300*1900mm printing press 1720*900*2200mm loading system

Automatic loading and feeding system
1.4 Color pad printer and geared turntable conveying table.
2. The microcomputer controls the various functions of the pad printer, which is easy to operate
3. PLC control loading and unloading system
4. Built-in five-digit automatic counter.
5. Using high-quality aluminum alloy, strong structure and light weight.
6. Equipped with CE safety cover to meet safety requirements.
7. Equipped with flame treatment system to prevent color running or color fading in printing.
8. The oil pan is designed for easy cleaning, installation and disassembly, and it is durable.
9. The duration is adjustable to meet different requirements.
11. The additional "Ink twice, print once" function is designed for thicker ink film.
12. Can be used for 1-4 color printing
13. The unique edge structure ensures clean scraping, and the printed image is clear and sharp.
14. Automatic hot air drying.
machine accessories:
1. 4 steel sheets
2. 4 rubber pads
3. 1 work box
4. 1 English manual

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Price Terms︰ EXW DongGuan
Standards Certificate︰ CE
Application area︰ CAPS,COVER,bottle cap ,
Gross Weight︰ 420KG
Main Parts︰ FESTO CYLINDER , PLC control

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