• Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object
  • Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object
  • Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object
  • Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object
  • Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object
  • Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object

Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object

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Product Description

Rotatory pad printing machine for cylindrical object

Suitable for metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, leather and other materials in the printing area is relatively small flat or curved and irregular surfaces precision printing products. Such as cell phone button, golf ball, toys, pens, mouse, electronic products, handicrafts, heel and so on.


 This paragraph is based on the printing machine printing machine on a roller apparatus adapted to make the silk screen printing machine may seem the same as the printed surface of the product, such as: bowling, golf, table tennis and other circular cylindrical products.
 Monochrome printing machine is monochrome printing machinery products. Simple operation, easy maintenance and repair, the price is cheaper for most users. If a large printable area of the product by upgrading accessories.
1, the microcomputer control, easy to operate, accurate and reliable.
2, consists of four counters.
3, the body of high quality steel frame structure, surface temperature paint, light weight body solid, beautiful and practical.
4, the oil ink roller assembly and disassembly, and easy to clean.
5, independently adjustable plastic head up and down stroke and speed.
6, automatic balanced squeegee, scraping the oil neat.
7, each of the ink disk blocks can be X, Y, angle independent tuning, chromatic accurate, and improve efficiency.
8, printing ink can stick two in order to obtain a larger printing ink.
9, you can not drop empty lines before and after the glue to prevent the pause when the ink to dry.
10, pneumatic components of Germany FESTO pneumatic components, the movement speed can be adjusted independently.

Technical Parameters:

Printing colors: 1 color (can be cased)

Printing station: 1Pcs

Cylinder head up and down stroke: 75mm

Glide around the cylinder stroke: 175mm

Standard plate area: 150 × 300mm (6 '× 12')

Maximum full circle diameter: 35mm

The fastest speed: 800 Pcs / Hr

Voltage: 110V / 220V 50HZPower: 35W

Pressure Requirements: 6Bar

Air consumption: 72L / Min

Packing size:116*68*153cm

Package Weight: 193 (Kg)

Machine fitting:
1.One pcs steel plate
2.One pcs rubber pad
3.work box
4.English operating instruction


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Price Terms︰ EXW DongGuan
Standards Certificate︰ CE
Application area︰ round surface, Bottles, cycle printing
Gross Weight︰ 193kg
Main Parts︰ cylinder made by Geramny

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