Automatic 4 Color Wine Bottle Screen Printing Machine With CCD Positioning

Automatic 4 Color Wine Bottle Screen Printing Machine With CCD Positioning

Model No.︰LC-CNC412

Brand Name︰LC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Automatic Bottle Printer 4 Color Wine Bottle Screen Printing Machine With CCD Positioning for Glass Bottle Jar Cup


Fast, Innovative, Convenient and Green

This model is a (4-color) automatic servo screen printing machine, which is suitable for cylindrical, square and special-shaped products. The printing ink can be selected from high temperature ordinary ink, UV ink and LED ink.

Using high-precision servo turntable, full servo control system, printing bottles of different shapes without gears, optional visual positioning system and mechanical positioning structure, fast printing speed, stable and reliable quality, convenient and quick debugging.


Details of the machine

1.10-inch WEIMVIEW network touch screen (optional iPad installed app as the control screen of the machine) 2. BECKHOFF machine controller from Germany
3. High-precision servo turntable (GOIZPER) drive
4. The three axes of the printing mechanism are servo motors and ball screws, a total of 2 groups
5.12 Axis tube seat is controlled and operated by absolute value servo motor
6. The main drive is controlled by bus-type servo
7. The ball screw and guide rail of this machine are made of Japanese THK brand, which has higher precision and longer life.
8. Optional CCD vision for pattern positioning detection to achieve multi-color overprinting
9. The product loading and unloading mechanism is driven by German Beckhoff + Huichuan servo drive to run more smoothly and accurately

Machine advantage

1、our CNC412 weighs 5T and has a more solid frame. Additionally, each machine base has reinforcing ribs to make the machine more stable. The client feedback is that our machine is of better good quality.

2、Our machine adopts a German Beckhoff control system to ensure that data is not lost. The machine is equipped with an overall memory function, to store each parameter set for each different product. The parameter can be directly retrieved for next use, which greatly facilitates machine adjustment and greatly improves the time for converting different products, debugging the machine, and replacing fixtures. The work efficiency is greatly improved

3、 All of our electrical components are one model larger than other brand machine , including servo motors (750W, high power, strong force, stable), LED UV lights (2.5KW), solenoid valves, and guide rails.

4、Our machine's control system works smoother and more optimized programs that can withstand customer inspection.

5、 The overall servo module is in better design and better looking. 

6、The servo printing head can be conveniently adjusted to scraping printing in front and back, or horizontal scraping printing in left and right directions, suitable for a wide variety of products. And front and back scraping printing function is especially suitable for printing long bottles, such as wine bottles. 

7、 The heat transfer rubber roller and stamping plate could be easily interchanged. So the machine is suitable for stamping plastic and glass bottles.


Model no.


Print color

4 color

Applicable Product shape

Round, oval, square

Continuous Mode


Place of Origin


Printing speed adjustment


Maximum printing area

diameter 100mm, height 280mm



Main motor drive

Servo motor

Total power


Printing speed



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2000-2700pcs/hour (subject to the actual pattern)





Price Terms︰ FOB Shenzhen , China

Packing︰ Wooden case

Lead Time︰ 50days

Standards Certificate︰ CE

Application area︰ Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, Printing Shops, C

Gross Weight︰ 2000 KG

Main Parts︰ PLC, Pressure vessel, servo motor, CCD image positioning

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