• Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines
  • Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines
  • Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines
  • Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines
  • Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines

Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines

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Product Description

The Cylinder & Flat hot foil  stamping machine is fit for stamping on the surface of plane and round objects with pretty quality . like pens, cups, bottles, lipstick,lippie,desktop style ,easy operation, small volum.

it.is fast speed and low energy consumption.Mainly applied to the field of craft,fabric handbag,leather,paper and plastic.



1. Stamping temperature adjustable range from room temperature to 300C.
2. Stamping pressure is adjustable to install.
3. Automatic rear-and-front worktable ensures safe and quick operation.
4. Worktable capable of slight adjustment to rear-and-front, left-and-right and rotation.
5. The height of the stamping head adjustable accordingly.
6. Automatic foil feeding and rolling with adjustable function.



1.    NamePneumatic Plane/ Round Hot Stamping Machines

2.       modelTH-160D

3.       product shape:Plane/ round

4.       Impression area: (Plane)100*160mm 

  5. (round,Cylinder ,) Φ50*90mm

6  Power Supply220V/50Hz
6.  Electrothermal Power:900W
7.  Air Pressure0.5-0.7
8.  operationPneumatic

9.  system controlautomatic

10  workbenchcan be adjusted

11.  Stamping foil winding length - < 120 mm

12.  Stamping speed: 600 PCS/H

13.   Machine Outline Dimensions: L630*W:580*H580

14    Package by plywooden case  Weight67KG

Price Terms-- EXW OR Express by DHL
Payment Terms --T/T Payment.
Packing --PlyWooden case
Lead Time --5 days after confirm PO
SKU --10 SET 
Cubic Meter –0.4


In theory, manual,pneumatic and hydraulic hot stamping machine have the same Principle,that is to say the object will be hot stamped by the same way of heat tranfer by the machine. One difference is there have 2 types: manual and automatic;Another is the different size of the stamping pattern.Manual was fit for the object with low requirement effect and small stamping area.To the contrary, the first-class effection and large stamping area will be done by both pneumatic and hydraulic.What is more,they are fit for stamping the object with high quality.In a word,

Price Terms︰ EXW Manufacturer
Standards Certificate︰ CE
Application area︰ BOTTLE,CUPS,leather ,pens,toy,plastic parts ,brand ,logo
Gross Weight︰ 67 kg
Main Parts︰ heating plate ,cylinder round
Free Fittings ︰ heating parts
H.S.code︰︰ 8443391200

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