Independent up/down stroke and 2-color pad printer

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LC- PM2-150/2P

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1 pc

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Product Description


The Multi-color  pad printer has two running items. One  is all of the printing heads
 (silicone  pads) through
Air pressure to control the action under  one  cylinder head , this type of pad printer by print to  products on the limiting  area ;   a lot of  printing machine can not print  products length  overstep effective area . At present, the vast majority belong to the printing machine of this type. for this type of product, our company has developed another high tech new  pad printing  machine :  Independent up/down stroke and  2-color  pad printer.  Specifically useful   print to  large-area  different parts positions .

2.Independent up/down stroke .

3.Two-colour pad printer with shuttle

4. controlled by microprocessor

5.Four-digit auto counter built-in

6.Coin aluminium structure ensure solidity and durability

7.Ink roller flooding for easy install/uninstall

8.Independent pad up/down stroke and speed asjustment

9.Auto balanced doctor blade available for efficient ink scraping

10.Printing speed asjustable to fullfil various requirements

11."Inking twice, printing once" for better ink covering

12.Able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying at intervals

13.One or two colours printable

14.Two-colour ink tray base adjustable separately for overprint adjustment

15.Drying with auto air blowing for easy colour registration


1.  model number:LC-PM2-150/2P

2.   plate size:100×150 mm

3.   Max:Printing size:90*140

4.   Max. worktable area:165×165mm

5.   Max. printing speed: 1500pcs/hr

6.   Printing colour:2

7.   Voltage:220V   50-60MHZ

8.   Machine weight:180Kg

9.   Machine  size:860x460x1470 mm(LxWxH)


1.model number:LC-PM2-200/2P

2.plate size:100×200 mm

3.Max:Printing size:90*190

4.Max. worktable area:165×165mm

5.Max. printing speed: 1500pcs/hr

6.Printing colour:2

7.Voltage:220V   50-60MHZ

8.Machine weight:200Kg

9.Machine  size:860x460x1470 mm(LxWxH)


 Machine fitting:                  
1.  two pcs steel plate 
2.   two pcs rubber pad 
3.   a suit   tool 
4.   English operating instruction

Price Terms --FOB or CFR
Payment Terms--- T/T or LC
Packing ----wooden crate
Lead Time ----5 days after confirm Payment
SKU ----7 SETS
Standards Certificate ---CE
Cubic Meter---- 1.4
Gross Weight ---75KG
Main Parts ----FESTO cylinder made by Germany
Application area -----toys, pens, keyboard, plastic products, laber, hardware


Price Terms︰ EXW DongGuan
Standards Certificate︰ CE
Application area︰ large area products,long bar,keybord,bag
Gross Weight︰ 180kg
Main Parts︰ FESTO Cyliner made by Germany
Free Fittings ︰ two printing head pads

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